Adam Driver Imagines What a ‘Girls’-‘Star Wars’ Crossover Would Look Like

Arya Roshanian

You may see a “Girls”/”Star Wars” mashup not too far, far in the future.

Actors Adam Driver and Michael Shannon appeared together during the fifth season of Variety and PBS’ series “Actors on Actors,” discussing some of Driver’s most important roles to date. Driver, who got his big break on the hit HBO series “Girls,” notes the amount of work he received based on his role as Adam Sackler on the show, including his “Star Wars” gig as villain Kylo Ren.

“I mean, it opened a lot of doors for me, I would say,” Driver said. “I don’t know if you’ve had this experience with a TV show, [but] because people aren’t going to a theater and watching it, they’re watching it at home where they’re really comfortable, I think people make a more personal connection with characters.”

The pair also jokingly discussed Driver’s “Star Wars” character appearing on “Girls,” confused by the modern world around him.

“We talked about it, with [creator] Lena [Dunham] too. She wanted to do something with it,” revealed Driver. “Kylo would just show up and be like, ‘where’s my spaceship?'”

The interview will air on PBS SoCal KOCE, presented by The Venetian Las Vegas. The new season debuts on Jan. 3. Click here to view the full video

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