’90s Stars Help Celebrate 30th Anniversary of ‘Double Dare’

Superfan TV

Marc issued a Double Dare challenge to everyone that involved getting hit in the face with cream pies. Former NSync member Lance Bass hit himself in the face with a pie, before issuing the challenge to his buddy and former bandmate Joey Fatone, who also smeared a pie all over his head. Fellow ’90s heartthrob Mario Lopez also joined in on the fun when he had his two kids hit him in the face with a pie.

It wasn’t just all flashbacks and pie challenges though — some of the cast members from All That got together to actually play a game of Double Dare. Before the game, Marc asked the cast if they had any plans to beat their fellow cast members, and Lori Beth Denberg, replied, “I’m just gonna trash talk … violently!”

It was a fun trip down memory lane, and hopefully this is just the beginning of Double Dare returning to TV!

Watch the All That cast play a game of ’90s catchphrase.

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