Everything We Know About 'The Lego Movie' Sequel

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Everything was so awesome about The Lego Movie, it’s no wonder that fans are clamoring for a sequel. They’ll have to be patient, though; writer-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in high demand after striking gold with their blockbuster. For the past week, Lord and Miller have been promoting their latest film, 22 Jump Street – but they’ve managed to drop a few hints about the next Lego movie. Below, are five important things for Lego lovers to know about the Master Builders’ new adventure.  

The new director has been around the blocks. The sequel will be directed by Chris McKay, who served as animation co-director on The Lego Movie. And Lord and Miller promise they’ll be hands-on producers. “We have an office in a studio, Chris is going to be next door, and we’ll be looking at cuts all the time,” Miller tells Collider. “We’re going to be really involved.”

Expect more of Benny and his spaceship. The first film’s astronaut character, modeled after a 1984 Lego toy called Blue Classic Spaceman, was a nod to the creators’ own childhoods. In the Collider interview, the pair seemed enthusiastic about bringing Benny and his spaceship-building expertise to the sequel. “I think we can look forward to more Lego space stuff…way more space stuff,” says Lord. “This is the whole reason I loved Lego in the first place,” adds Miller. 

Spider-Man might be swinging by. The Lego Movie had a supporting cast of DC superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman, but for the sequel, Miller and Lord would love to get Marvel heroes on board. Miller acknowledge in a Comingsoon.net interview that Marvel might be a tough sell, since “they don’t need Lego to make their movies successful.” But Lord remains optimistic that the creators of X-Men, Spider-Man and The Avengers will loan out their characters. “Hopefully it will be like another Roger Rabbit-situation where, ‘Of course, we’d love to be a part of this,’” he says, “But who knows?” 

The film has a release date. And it’s May 26, 2017. Mark your calendars! 

The Ninjago movie, however, comes first.  In addition to the Lego Movie sequel, Lord and Miller are producing its first spin-off: the 3-D animated Ninjago movie. Based on Lego’s bestselling fantasy-ninja toy line, it’s scheduled to hit theaters in the fall of 2016.