2013 Black List Titles Unveiled (Live)

Hilary Lewis
The Hollywood Reporter

The Black List is announcing this year's list of Hollywood's most liked unproduced screenplays via Twitter.

This post will be updated with this year's top vote-getters as they're revealed. Here are the scripts announced so far; new entries at the top:

PURE O by Kate Trefry

CAPSULE by Ian Shorr

SHOVEL BUDDIES by Jason Mark Hellerman

BURN SITE by Doug Simon

THE COMPANY MAN by Andrew Cypiot

SWEETHEART by Jack Stanley

INQUEST by Josh Simon


LINE OF DUTY by Cory Miler

The annual Black List is based on Hollywood executives' favorite unproduced screenplays. Created in 2005 by Franklin Leonard and Dino Sijamic, the Black List has become one of the most reliable indicators of Hollywood's hot properties. Previous Black List scripts include three of the last five best picture Oscar winners (Slumdog Millionaire, The King's Speech and Argo) and seven of the last 12 screenwriting Oscar winners (Juno, Slumdog, The King's Speech, Argo, The Social Network, The Descendants and Django Unchained).

Last year's list included Draft Day, The Fault in Our Stars, the Hillary Clinton biopic Rodham and Fathers and Daughters.

More than 250 film executives at major financiers and production companies voted on the 2013 Black List, which will include 72 screenplays.

Of the scripts on this year's list, 33 percent have a financier attached, compared to 37 percent last year, while 68 percent have a producer attached, compared to 69 percent last year. Of the writers or teams on this year's list, five do not have a U.S. agent, 10 do not have a manager and four have been on the Black List in previous years.

This is the second year in a row that the list has been released via Twitter.

In October 2012, the Black List launched an online service allowing writers from all over the world to have their scripts considered by Hollywood.