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Rob Lowe could’ve nabbed the lead role.

The Brat Packer had the boyish charm the studio wanted, but Lowe had to back out of auditions after blowing out his knee during a dance practice. "I have post-traumatic stress with anything having to do with 'Footloose,'" he recently told Hollywood.com.

11 Things You Didn't Know About 'Footloose'

Yahoo MoviesAugust 1, 2014

The latest Marvel action epic,

Guardians of the Galaxy, takes place in a distant corner of the cosmos. So naturally, it's got a well-timed shout-out to

Footloose. At one point, Star-Lord (aka Chris Pratt)

waxes poetic about the crucial life lessons one can take from the 1984 dance drama. And who can blame him? A young Kevin Bacon, the hurts-so-good soundtrack, a cheeky teenaged Sarah Jessica Parker, that big finale — it’s no wonder the film's legend lives on in distant galaxies. In honor of Star-Lord’s

Footloose fandom, we’re sharing 11 things you didn’t know about the movie that chronicles a city boy’s valiant effort to bring dancing to a small town that's lost its rhythm.