'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' vs. 'Shrek': Vote for the Greatest Summer Movie Ever

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May 13, 2013

Summertime means summer movies, and this year could be one of the biggest season's ever. But which blockbuster of the past is truly the best? We've pitted 32 of the most successful and beloved summer movies against each other. And now you get to decide which is your favorite. After four rounds of voting, only one movie will be left standing. Which title will be declared the greatest summer movie of all time?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Release date: June 22, 1988

Robert Zemeckis finally found the outlet for his cartoonish sensibilities in this noir mini-masterpiece that puts human beings and 'toons together in a 1940s murder mystery, with gruff private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) roped into helping to clear the name of Roger Rabbit, who's been accused of killing Marvin Acme, the man who may have been playing paddy-cake with Roger's femme fatale wife, Jessica (voiced by Kathleen Turner in full-on "Body Heat" mode). 25 years later, this live-action/animated mash-up still looks great, with Christopher Lloyd all but stealing the show as the villainous Judge Doom.


Release date:  May 18, 2001

Mike Myers gets to indulge that Scottish accent he loves so much for the entire running time of this meta-take on fairy tales, in which the ever-farting ogre Shrek (Myers) and his fast-talking pal Donkey (Eddie Murphy) are charged by the evil Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) with saving the kidnapped Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) so he can claim her as his bride. The thing is, Fiona's been waiting for her one true love, and she and Shrek end up kind of hitting it off, so, you know ... fairy tale stuff ensues, with a slightly cynical meta twist.

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