'The Lion King' vs. 'Raiders of the Lost Ark': Vote for the Greatest Summer Movie Ever

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Summertime means summer movies, and this year could be one of the biggest season's ever. But which blockbuster of the past is truly the best? We've pitted 32 of the most successful and beloved summer movies against each other. And now you get to decide which is your favorite. After four rounds of voting, only one movie will be left standing. Which title will be declared the greatest summer movie of all time?

The Lion King

Release date: June 15, 1994

Disney's animated riff on "Hamlet" (think about it) makes for one of the studio's greatest feature films, animated or otherwise, with young Simba (voiced by Matthew Broderick) coming to lionhood during his exile upon the death of his father, Mufasa (James Earl Jones), the result of a bit of treachery from his ambitious and corrupt uncle, Scar (Jeremy Irons). Great storytelling, great characters, great songs ... and Julie Taymor's insane, Tony-winning stage adaptation is pretty amazing, too.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Release date: June 12, 1981

There's not much Shakespeare going on in Steven Spielberg's homage to adventure serials, just a bunch of hair-raising old-school action as whip-cracking archaeologist Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) and his old flame Marion (Karen Allen) race to find the lost Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do. It's pretty much a perfect movie, ya know, and arguably as big a pop culture phenomenon as that series in which Ford plays Han Solo (and in the opening of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," the flashback showed that young Indy did first pick up a bullwhip to defend himself against a lion).