'Back to the Future' vs. 'Raiders of the Lost Ark': Vote for the Greatest Summer Movie Ever

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Summer Showdown BTTF Raiders

Summertime means summer movies, and this year could be one of the biggest season's ever. But which blockbuster of the past is truly the best? We've pitted 32 of the most successful and beloved summer movies against each other. And now you get to decide which is your favorite. After four rounds of voting, only one movie will be left standing. Which title will be declared the greatest summer movie of all time?

Back to the Future

Who needs magic when you've got a DeLorean that can travel through time? Hogwarts has nothing on '80s nostalgia as "Back to the Future" used the Power of Love to defeat "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2." Now, 1985 takes on 1981 (and 1955 faces 1936) as Marty McFly faces off with Indiana Jones.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

He can dispatch trained assassins with his bare hands but in the end Jason Bourne of "The Bourne Identity" was undone by a college professor who also happens to be pretty good with a bullwhip. Now, it's Spielberg the Director vs. Spielberg the Producer as "Raiders of the Lost Ark" will try to defeat 1.21 gigawatts worth of "Back to the Future."