Zoey Deutch Explained How She Immediately Knew She Didn't Land A Role In "Hunger Games" During Her Audition

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Zoey Deutch could have starred in The Hunger Games — but her audition didn't quite go according to plan.

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Looking back, Zoey says playing Katniss is the No. 1 role she wishes she had landed.

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Unfortunately, during the audition process, Zoey immediately knew she wasn't going to get the part.

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"I screen-tested for Katniss. But knew I didn't get it, because in the screen test, he was like, 'Why don't you read this other part?'" Zoey revealed on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast.

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Overall, she admits "that one was a little painful."

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But Zoey says that isn't the only painful audition experience she's had — especially considering that she recently had to give an award to a group of actors who all landed roles she wanted.

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"At one of these award shows, I gave like the Best Limited Series award out and every single one that was nominated, I had auditioned and not gotten it," Zoey explained.

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She explained that during the pandemic, there were only four projects that she auditioned for that she really wanted — and she didn't get any of them.

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"I wanted to be like, 'And the award doesn't go to...don't worry, if you lose, I lost too! I didn't get any of these parts!'" Zoey joked.

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You can hear all that Zoey had to say below.