Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign would survive a zombie apocalypse? I’m sure you’d like to think you could eliminate countless zombies in one go, but let’s be honest—most of us would probably be obliterated within minutes. Or worse—become zombies ourselves. One way to find out would be actually experiencing the zombie apocalypse firsthand. Fingers crossed that this never happens. Another would be looking into how your zodiac sign might respond to the world coming to an end.

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, then you need to know what kind of zombie you’re dealing with. After all, no two zombies are truly alike. Think of all of the zombie media you’ve consumed throughout your life. From video games to movies to television shows, there’s tons of diversity in the zombie universe. For example, if you’re dealing with a classic case of a virus or parasite gone wrong, then there might be a higher chance of survival if a cure is discovered. But if you’re dealing with supernatural zombies, then you may need to brush up on your exorcism skills. Plus, each type of zombie presents different challenges. While the Cordyceps zombies from The Last of Us use echolocation to find their prey, The Walking Dead zombies prefer to attack in large groups. Once you figure out your undead opponent, your chances for survival will only increase.

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How Each Zodiac Sign Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve ever wondered about how you’d survive a zombie apocalypse, then keep reading to see how you could survive according to your birth chart and zodiac sign:

Aries: You Go Out Guns Blazing

Of all 12 zodiac signs, you were born to survive a zombie apocalypse. You probably imagine that you’ll become the hardcore bad ass that somehow fights off every zombie that comes your way. Hiding or running away isn’t an option for you, because your survival instincts will kick in. If you were to choose between fight or flight, you know it would always be fight. Your survival is thanks to your sheer will to stay and battle it out, so you may benefit from raiding a hunting supply store to get as many weapons as possible. However, your potential downfalls are choosing the wrong weapon and not wearing enough armor. For example, your gun could run out of bullets, or having exposed skin could make you more of a target than a threat. If you don’t choose the right weapon or wear the right gear, then you’re screwed. And if your impulsive side turns into foolish confidence, you may put yourself in a deadly situation that not even you are capable of winning. But at least you’ll go down fighting!

Taurus: You Establish a Fortress

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Zombie apocalypse? I don’t think so, Taurus. Fighting for your life and being on the run from the undead is not your pro quid quo. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s more like, why bother? You’re the zodiac sign who will look for the easiest way to live through the zombie apocalypse, which is how you’ll survive. Instead of nuking hordes of zombies or trying to find the cure, you’ll be preoccupied with finding shelter that will cater to your needs and keep you safe. Your best option for survival is securing a fortress, which would likely be a mall or a shopping center. You know you’re reinforcing your structure with ample defense systems, because the last thing you need is a brush with the rotting undead. Gross! Take an Aries with you to do all the dirty work before you enjoy your newfound kingdom laden with the luxuries of your pre-apocalyptic lifestyle. But don’t get too comfortable, because you may find yourself surrounded by zombies and cornered when you least expect it.

Gemini: You Set Up Booby Traps

Having fun will be the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse, Gemini. And what better way to have some fun than set up booby traps? Your key to survival is using your mischievousness to your advantage. In the pre-zombified world, you might have been quite the prankster with your quips and tricks. Luckily, this talent can help you navigate a seemingly bleak end of the world. Instead of letting the apocalypse get you down, you may feel like it’s your personal mission to make the best of it by pranking the zombies. Booby traps like creating decoys around landmines and cleverly hidden pits would be up your alley. The catch-22 will be staying on top of your booby traps. You will have to be extra careful to remember where you hid everything and keep tabs on when to reset your traps. If not, then your booby traps could fail, or you could be the one who gets caught in one!

Cancer: You Stock Up On Supplies

Don’t panic, Cancer. If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, then you’ll be more than prepared. Your best chance of survival will be to hunker down and stock up on every supply you could ever need. Surviving would begin with securing your home to create the perfect, zombie-proof compound. Unlike Taurus, you’d be more than equipped to make do with what you’ve got and live off whatever land you have around you. Foraging, hunting, and harvesting will be how you survive, especially since you’re a natural “Suzy Homemaker”. You could even use this time to finally try the recipes in your cookbooks or get into canning like you’ve always wanted to. You may not have access to a grocery store, but you know you’ll set up a community garden for your fellow survivalists. For the most part, you’ll be pretty on top of ensuring that your humble abode is safe and secure. However, you may want to be mindful of who you let into your zombie-proof compound. Your downfall could be trusting the wrong person, so be careful of who you let into your home.

Leo: You Start a Cult

Nobody can deny that you have an impressive influence on others, Leo. Your presence in the pre-apocalyptic world may have helped you find love, land your dream job, or make friends. In the post-apocalyptic world, your charisma will be your key to survival. Your confidence, warmth, and generosity will draw surviving humans to you like moths to a flame. Survivors will look up to you because you will come across as a leader who can inspire self-assuredness. At first, your imposter syndrome might kick in if you feel like this is a classic case of the blind leading the blind. But after a little bit of practice, you feel like you’re doing a great job of leading other surviving humans. However, you should work on remaining humble to avoid developing a Lord of the Flies complex, because you could easily turn into a cult leader. If not, you may find that your foolhardiness could inflate your ego, which would become your eventual downfall. Heavy is the head who wears the crown, Leo—even during a zombie apocalypse.

Virgo: You Head to the Workshop

Virgo: You Head to the Workshop
Virgo: You Head to the Workshop

The world might be going up in smoke, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make do, Virgo. Amidst the chaos, you’re the one who’s trying to create rhyme and reason to be somewhat orderly. If anything, the zombie apocalypse is just another opportunity for you to flex your organizational skills and restorativeness, which is why you’ll always be the first to establish a lab or workshop. You’ll thrive during the end times thanks to your resourcefulness, as well as your ability to enter hyper-focus, read manuals on survival, and MacGyver inventions with trinkets from the past. You’ll also be a natural scientist and doctor, as Virgo is the zodiac sign that rules over medicine and health. Although you work well under pressure, everyone does have a breaking point. If a zombie catches up to you, you may find that overthinking your options and overanalyzing your decisions will be your final downfall. Keep trusting yourself to make the right decisions so that you can survive the zombie apocalypse.

Libra: You Date a Zombie

Only you would find love in a zombie apocalypse, Libra. Unsurprisingly, you might be the sole zodiac sign who could overcome the end of the world if you have a lover by your side. But plot twist, your lover won’t be human—it most likely be one of the zombies! Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Your key to survival will be love and partnership with one of the undead. Let’s be honest, dating a zombie would even be better than taking back your ex. Not to mention that your undead lover will want to eat you right up. No, seriously! Your potential downfall will be falling in love with the wrong zombie. After all, you won’t want the whole “eating each other’s faces” to be taken literally mid-makeout session with your zombified beau. So, unfortunately, you have to remember that you cannot 100% trust your undead lover when it comes to your metaphorical and literal heart if you want to survive the apocalypse.

Scorpio: You Go Rogue & Lone Wolf

While some people flock to their families or friends for support, you might be more aloof when the undead rise to take over the world. Scorpio, your key to survival is your ability to be mysterious. You may crave the intimacy of close companionship, especially during the zombie apocalypse. But you will know better than to seek it out. The post-apocalyptic world will be a lonely one, so you’ll likely always be on the move to avoid becoming attached to anyone or anything that crosses your path. Thankfully, you won’t need anyone, because your resourceful and self-sufficient nature will save you from ever having to ask someone for help. Although your survival rate is probably the highest among the zodiac signs, you may find that your downfall is your inability to trust and let people in. When the right companion comes along, it might be too late for you to consider surviving with someone, because you know the pain of losing them would destroy you.

Sagittarius: You Embrace the Mayhem

Let’s be honest—you would thrive in a zombie apocalypse, Sagittarius. You would be the first one to lean into full blown nihilism and you know it. The pre-zombified world is full of rules and limiting expectations. But during the apocalypse, nothing matters. You don’t have to work, go to school, pay taxes, or worry about anything remotely tedious. All you have to do in a zombie apocalypse is survive and live life to the fullest. Sounds like exactly what a Sagittarius was born to do. As a result, you would flourish in the zombie apocalypse because it would be a chance to be completely and totally liberated from your responsibilities. You can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and become whatever you want. Since there are endless possibilities, you will only have to worry about being overly zealous when you live in a lawless world. The only time you’re truly in danger is when you forget about the danger, so you do need to exercise some caution to make it in the zombie apocalypse. Other than that, you’re golden!

Capricorn: You Lead a Zombie Army

Knowing you, the zombie apocalypse happens just when everything was finally falling into place! You were probably at the height of your career right at the moment the undead decided to takes over the world. Although your career might be over, you don’t see the the zombie apocalypse as early retirement. Your skills that led you to the top of your career are the same skills that will come in handy when the world comes to an end. You’re not gonna accept whining and moaning from these zombies. Instead, you’re going to round them up and lead an army of undead. You know that authority figures are needed during times of crisis and you’ll be the first to step up to the plate. However, alienating allies and waging wars against other survivalists could make you feel paranoid and lonely in the long run. But hey, it’s worth it if no one gets to tell you what to do.

Aquarius: You Look For a Cure

While some of the other zodiac signs will be off on a wild goose chase to find the cure, you’ll know how to create the cure, Aquarius. Your brain isn’t just a tasty appetizer for the zombies, it’s also your best chance for survival. Unconventional Uranus is your modern astrological ruler, which means you’re gifted with the ability to think outside the box. Your ingenuity and innovation will become how you survive the zombified world. After all, you’re not afraid to do something in the name of science, especially if it means saving humanity. Although you may begin with good intentions, this could eventually become your downfall if you’re not careful. You will survive the zombie apocalypse as long as you maintain your morality while you research and experiment with potential cures. Don’t lose your humanity in the scientific process by putting yourself or other humans in harm’s way. A cure won’t matter if the world is no longer worth saving.

Pisces: You Disassociate From Reality

The zombie apocalypse sucks, but you may not see it that way. Your ability to disassociate from reality and disconnect completely will come in handy during the zombie apocalypse, as you’ll probably just enter “dream mode” and pretend nothing is actually wrong. You may even lean into a delusional hopefulness that makes everyone around you think you’re living in your own little world. To be quite frank, the apocalypse may put all your worries to rest, as you no longer have to worry about the worst case scenario. Why? Because you’re living in it! If you want to enhance your chances for survival, then you may want to team up with driven Virgo. You can remind Virgo that all isn’t lost, while Virgo can help you be somewhat realistic about your means of survival. Regardless, you will have to be grounded to avoid becoming too distracted. After all, you don’t want your mind to turn on you when you need to be focused on escaping a rabid pack of zombies.

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