Zendaya fans spot initials engraved on gold ring

Zendaya has been seen wearing a gold ring that appears to be engraved with the initials of her boyfriend, Tom Holland.

The Emmy-winning Euphoria star received a manicure from a London-based nail artist, known on social media as @marinadobyk.nails.

Marina shared footage of her work on Zendaya in an Instagram post, showing the actor’s fingernails adorned with soft pink polish.

“Nails for the beautiful in all ways Zendaya,” her caption reads. “Thank you for trusting me on this.”

As well as complimenting the nail technician on her work, some fans were quick to point out the sole piece of jewellery that was on Zendaya’s hand at the time.

In the short video, posted on Monday (20 March) a gold ring can be seen on the index finger of the actor’s right hand.

According to fans, the inscription on the top of the ring reads the letters “TH” – something many are taking as a tribute to Tom Holland.

On a fan page for the former Disney Channel actor, one person suggested that the letters instead read “ZH”, in a possible combination of her first name and her boyfriend’s surname.

“They really are claiming each other. Zendaya Holland? Girl is crazy,” the fan wrote.

The Independent has reached out to a representative for Zendaya for comment.

The pair first met in 2016 while working together on the first of the Holland-led Spider-Man solo films, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland plays the student superhero, while Zendaya, 26, plays his best friend-turned-girlfriend, MJ.

Zendaya's ring (Instagram / marinadobyk.nails)
Zendaya's ring (Instagram / marinadobyk.nails)

In 2021, they publicly acknowledged that they were in a relationship by going “Instagram official”, following years of fan speculation.

Since then, their supporters have feverishly commented on their interactions, with many documenting the positive ways they speak about each other in public.

Earlier this month, Holland, 26, was praised for his support of Zendaya’s return to the red carpet.