Zaya Wade Just Debuted Bright Blue Hair on Instagram, and Yes, We're Obsessed

Danielle Jackson

The Wade family have been having a lot of fun with dramatic hair changes over the last few months. Back in May, Dwyane Wade and his 13-year-old daughter, Zaya, both dyed their hair bright red, and shortly after, the NBA player showed off a new style that featured red and yellow flames at the back of his head. Now Zaya is back with an all-new hair transformation in the form of a bold, bright blue hair color.

Zaya shared her new look via an Instagram photo that she posted of her hanging out in her family's pool on July 19. "Happy feeling blue," she captioned it. According to a tag, her hair was colored by Gabrielle Union's trusted stylist and family friend, Larry Sims, who also shared a photo of Zaya's hair to his Instagram Story.

After dyeing her hair red in May, Zaya switched things up and wore lavender extensions while celebrating Pride Month and her 13th birthday before going back to her natural hair color. Check out her new blue hairstyle in the photo above.

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