Zack Bia Just Shut Down the Olivia Rodrigo Dating Rumors in a Paparazzi Vid—Here’s What Happened 👀

olivia rodrigo and zack bia
Time to Look Into Olivia Rodrigo’s Rumored Ex-BFJeff Kravitz/Jerritt Clark - Getty Images

Things seemed to be going pretty good 4 Olivia Rodrigo back in April when she sold out two Radio City Music Hall shows and was seen casually living her best life in the city that never sleeps. As a matter of fact, she was having so much fun that she was spotted all smiles alongside DJ Zack Bia while leaving Bar Pitti in pics obtained by E! News. For a sec, this maaay or may not have fueled the rumors that the two might be more than friends. However, we now know for sure that neither of them will be posting any couples pics anytime soon.

Until today, no one had confirmed the rumored ’ship, but the DJ was just captured denying that he and the singer are dating in the vid below:

Although the duo started hanging out around the time of the Super Bowl in February and then began “seeing each other” more—a source told E! News, “Zack [feels] that Olivia is really down-to-earth and he loves how low-key she is”—it seems that those rumors can finally be put to rest! But because we’re still, well, nosy, this roller-coaster romance (ish?!) means we’re still deep-diving into all things Zack Bia. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Zack was first spotted with Olivia during the Super Bowl

A source confirmed to E! News that roughly a month after Olivia’s split from producer Adame Faze, “[Zack] invited her to Super Bowl parties that he was DJing that weekend, and she went to support him.”

“They hit it off and have been casually hanging out.” In-ter-est-ing!

He’s clearly close with the singer’s clique

We def know the two notably linked up at Olivia’s 19th birthday party on February 21 thanks to a group pic featuring them, a friend, and singer Kid Laroi that was posted in the midst of the festivities.

olivia rodrigo story
Olivia Rodrigo - Instagram

He previously dated Madison Beer

madison beer and zack bia at music executive steven levine's birthday dinner at hotel bel air
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A year after Zack and Madison began dating, the “Reckless” singer and the DJ called it quits in March 2019, according to People. Although the duo seemed to have broken up once prior at L.A. restaurant Nice Guy in July 2018, this time around, Madison took to Twitter to post some v cryptic messages that seemed to confirm their relationship was truly over.

He was born in New York, but his career took off in Los Angeles

Zack revealed in an interview with iD, “My parents are from Paris, but I was born in New York, and when I was 12 or 13, I moved to Los Angeles with my mom and brother. My mom was a modeling agent and she worked in fashion—we didn’t have a lot of money, but I grew up with some really cool stuff. She made me listen to music, took me to museums, and taught me so much. When we moved to L.A., it was a bit more difficult and I had to do things for myself.

He got his start in nightlife

Zack also admitted to iD that, purely by coincidence, he had the opportunity to work in a club at the age of 18, which served as a way for the DJ to start “paying for thingshimself. He also noted that he felt as though he had a “double lifeas a result of going to school by day and the club by night.

Fetty Wap played a ~major~ part in his come-up story

In a June 2020 GQ profile, Zack admitted that during his first club visit, he and his friends were invited to join Fetty Wap’s table because they’re both (you guessed it!) Geminis. “I’m at a table, drinking with Fetty,” Zack said. But before the New York native left, a promoter at the club—under the guise that Zack was friends with the rapper—asked for his number in the hopes he could get Fetty Wap to return. “This is all during summer, so for the next month or so, a couple times a week, this kid was hitting me up: ‘What are you guys doing tonight?’ So me and my friends would go, and this kid [thinks] that we’re going as Fetty Wap’s friends.” It was through this gig, though, that Zack initially began networking and building the connections that would later serve him pretty well.

He credits H.Wood Group owner John Terzian for completely transforming his career

Up until he met Terzian and “became his right hand,” Zack thought of himself as a run-of-the-mill club promoter. However, after their bond became stronger with time, the two began to really feed off of their individual strong suits. “I showed him the new stuff that I thought was cool; he introduced me to his older contacts,” Zack told iD.

He just so happens to be affiliated with L.A. nightlife fixture Delilah

Everything changed for Zack when he and Terzian opened up what is still considered to be one of the top L.A. hot spots, Delilah. According to him, the venue “is to L.A. what Chiltern Firehouse is to London. It’s not a club, there’s no who’s who, no promoters; it was just John and I handling the reservations with our team, and we created a restaurant where people wanted to stay after their meals.” Alexa, play “Started From the Bottom”!

His friends are all pretty A-list

I mean, just read the H.Wood Group creative directors’ description of the types of parties he’s notoriously known for throwing: “Kacey Musgraves and Kendall and Kourtney and Kylie are in a booth, while me and Luka [Sabbat] are on the mic and DJing. And Baby Keem and Dominic Fike are at the bar. It’s like, everyone’s there.” Not to mention…“Drake’s walking in the back.” BRB, thinking of how to secure an invite to the next function.

He has a record label called Field Trip Records

In early 2020, Zack founded a record label called Field Trip Records, which he has since acknowledged as a natural next step after, ya know, totally mastering L.A. nightlife.

He revealed to Complex, “I started becoming a guy who was throwing parties that became a safe space for artists to come and be themselves, test out new music, meet other artists, and meet new cool people. That turned into artists being like, ‘Let me pick your brain on this. What do you think of this brand? What do you think of this new artist? Come to the studio.’ We started having this really intimate relationship with a ton of artists.” It wasn’t too long after the DJ began having these thoughts that he realized, “Wait, we can do this with our own artists. That’s when we started the company.”

Currently, the record label manages six artists: Mallory Merk, SSGKobe, Yeat, HVN, Onlybino!, and Slump6s.

He also has a new vodka brand with Anastasia Karanikolaou

Yep, Zack and Kylie Jenner’s BFF Stassi just launched a tequila brand that is already proving to be pretty iconic among the young Hollywood set. “Music and spirits, they both meet right in the middle of nightlife and events,” Zack told Forbes when talking about the brand’s inception. “There’s crossover appeal.”

He wants you to know he pretty much did it all on his own

A lot of the mystery around Zack has to do with the fact that he seemingly came out of nowhere. This has historically made him the target of rumors that try to pinpoint his past to explain his current success. Case in point? The gossip that his dad runs fashion brand Dior, which Zack elaborated on to Complex: “Anytime I do anything cool or accomplish something, it will always get knocked as, like, ‘Of course he was able to do this, his dad does this,’” he admitted. “I’m cool to talk about it now, but it’s been so funny because the biggest thing in my life has been my single mom raising me and then me trying to accomplish things to help her out. She taught me everything and she’s such a beast, and the biggest knock on me is ‘His dad gave him everything,’ but it’s actually the exact opposite.”

Welp, that’s pretty much all we know about Zack for now! Although it’s now confirmed that the ’ship isn’t quiiite a ’ship, rest assured we’ll update this when the DJ inevitably releases yet another cool project.

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