Zac Efron Goes Shirtless for a Boat Day With Brother in New Photos

Zac Efron has folks everywhere fanning their faces with his newest social media snaps!

The Hairspray alum had a busy day with his brother Dylan on Aug. 31, where the duo played a round of golf before hitting the lake to cool off—sans shirts, of course.

Zac took to Instagram earlier on Sept. 1 with a collection of photos from their bros' day out, each showing off their six-packs as they posed together on the water, arms thrown around each other as they smiled happily at the camera.

He also included a video of one of his failed drives out on the green, as well as a photo of one of the brothers wiping out on a wakeboard.

The post was captioned simply with simply the date, Aug. 31, 2023, while Dylan's post gave a little more context to their outing: "He beat me at golf, I pushed him in the lake. just like old times."

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Fans had jokes in the comments, even as their jaws were left slack. "Please lord my girlfriend cannot see this," one wrote.

"Sweet and gentle Jesus," another commented.

"Hubba hubba," someone else spit out, while another managed to type, "Yowza."

Even pop singer Betty Who jumped in, writing, "saving *respectfully*."

"I would definitely play golf with that view.." another comment read in awe. "the mountains and water are nice too.."

A few couldn't help but drop a few High School Musical jokes in for good measure, either, with one wanting to know, "is this lava springs??" and another noting, "troy is back on the golf course."

Zac clearly has a blast spending time with his siblings, recently taking his younger brother and sister to the circus, as seen in an adorable snap of the trio.

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