Yum Crumbs From Shark Tank: A Few Things You Didn't Know

Yum Crumbs ice cream sandwich
Yum Crumbs ice cream sandwich - officialyumcrumbs / Instagram

After a brief recess, Shark Tank is back this week with a delicious contender. Yum Crumbs will appear before the Sharks, seeking sponsorship to expand its burgeoning brand of sweet and crunchy toppings. The company's website describes the product as a "cookie meets sprinkles topping," which sounds like a recipe for success right out of the box.

Yum Crumbs is designed to go on all sorts of desserts and sweet treats, including doughnuts, pancakes, cheesecakes, and much more. There are currently 32 different flavors available on the website, with everything from birthday cake to apple pie, chocolate peanut butter to cinnamon roll, and strawberry lemonade to orange dream. There are also seasonal flavors such as Santa Clause and candy cane, as well as gluten-free options in strawberry shortcake, chocolate eclair, and more. Even a sampler pack is available that includes 20 different tastes to try. To top it off, the dessert topping maker has also branched into offering an ice cream sandwich kit, a reusable branded tumbler, and flavored sour powder meant for rimming cups and coating goodies.

With such an impressive line of products, Yum Crumbs seemingly has a fighting chance on Shark Tank. There's a good chance that at least one of the Sharks will bite. Maybe they'll even get a little bidding frenzy going.

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How Did Yum Crumbs Get Its Start?

Strawberry cake with Yum Crumbs
Strawberry cake with Yum Crumbs - Thegypsybaker / Facebook

"Our journey with Yum Crumbs began with a stack of orders for custom crumb cakes and a short supply of time to fulfill them. I enjoyed making the Crumbs, but it was disproportionately consuming my time. That was my ah ha moment," Amanda Jeanvilma, co-owner of Yum Crumbs, wrote on the company's website.

After discussing the possibility of offering pre-made crumbs to other bakers, she relayed how the family got to work developing a product that would meet FDA standards. "We researched tirelessly on how to streamline the process and make it affordable without sacrificing the quality ingredients needed to preserve the authentic taste we all remember growing up."

The family-run business, which Amanda owns with her husband, Delson, has been in operation since 2020. Not only does Yum Crumbs sell a wide variety of flavors on its website, but the family brand supplies bakeries and ice cream shops as well. Yum Crumbs also has a wholesale program, with plenty of retailers on the East Coast and in the South stocking its products. And there's even an affiliate marketing program for brand ambassadors.

A Lot Of Love For Yum Crumbs

Yum Crumbs on display
Yum Crumbs on display - officialyumcrumbs / Instagram

Yum Crumbs has a stellar rating of 4.95 stars out of five on Judge.me. Customers were especially amazed by the variety of flavors available and appreciative of how easy they are to use. Several reviews mentioned how much time they saved by using Yum Crumbs instead of making their own crumbles. Those with gluten-free needs were also very excited about the product's safety. "These gluten-free products have changed the game ... We will be featuring these products in our creamery full-time," wrote one reviewer.

Bakers and dessert makers have a lot of love for Yum Crumbs, which can be seen in posts all over Facebook. Heather Murray gave the company a shout-out on the social media platform with a video of her mini bundt cakes made with Apple Pie Yum Crumbs. Likewise, Shirleys Catering is making the most out of the dessert toppings, "You have to have these cheesecake cups," the caterer wrote on the company's page, with a note that customers could choose from the 25 different flavors of Yum Crumbs that they have in stock.

Will Yum Crumbs Get Its Big Break On Shark Tank?

Shark Tank judges pose
Shark Tank judges pose - John Lamparski/Getty Images

Yum Crumbs doesn't appear to have taken advantage of any crowdfunding sources just yet, which makes its expansion thus far all the more impressive. The family behind the crunchy, sweet toppings has done a great job marketing and growing their business without it. Between the images on Facebook, Instagram, and online, it's clear that Yum Crumbs is a top-notch product.

Considering all of this, it's really no surprise that the brand will be featured on Shark Tank. If the Sharks are as impressed by the dessert topping as people on social media are, then there is no doubt that it will find even more success; Yum Crumbs might even become a household name among dessert fans in the coming years, especially if it gets sponsorship from one of the Sharks. Here's to a bright and prosperous future for the Yum Crumb family!

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