YouTuber's 180mm Fork Saves Him On Treacherous Chute


Pemberton, British Columbia is home to some very rowdy, technical riding. There are countless exposed rock rolls and dirt chutes.

One shines above the rest in terms of sketchiness. On the trail Cop Killer, there is one section close to the bottom that features a tough chute into a berm with a steep fall on the other side. It is basically a no-fall zone.

Watch as Youtuber Nic Zilinski who runs the channel Vancan rides out of a very sketchy moment in the cop killer chute.

In this video, Nic steers too far to the left. On the left side of the chute, there is a rock that is a ramp. It then sent Zilinski pinballing to the other side of the chute where there was a bigger rock. Thankfully that rock did not tip him over, or else he would have had a painful tumble down the chute.

Nic says that his 180 mm fork saved him. Seeing the video that is plausible. In early 2022, I watched a friend do this exact thing in this exact chute. His front wheel exploded on impact with the second rock Nic hit and he tumbled to the ground. Thankfully he was alright other than a destroyed front rim.

The craziest part of the chute is that it is not the scariest way down. In early 2021, Yoann Barelli scratched off some moss and opened a rock roll-down. Take it from me, it is a terrifying reroute. Watch Yoann ride it below.

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