YouTuber Tana Mongeau opens up on 'H3' podcast about her so-called 'throuple' with Bella Thorne, Mod Sun: 'We were young and it was stupid'

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Tana Mongeau may have ended her headline-making relationships with Bella Thorne and Mod Sun nearly four years ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans from being endlessly fascinated with what went wrong.

On Feb. 24, Mongeau appeared on Ethan Klein’s podcast H3 where the YouTuber got candid about what led to the end of the relationship.

Mongeau first confirmed her relationship with Thorne, a former Disney Channel star, in September 2017, when Thorne posted a photo of the pair kissing during a boat ride.

“For me, it was very much instant love, instant infatuation, instant obsession, and my entire life became Bella, Bella, Bella,” Mongeau later shared in her vlog.

During her recent interview with Klein, however, Mongeau described their relationship as “open” and said Thorne began dating musician Derek Ryan Smith, known as Mod Sun, just a few months after they got together. Once the public caught wind of it, the three were constantly referred to as a “throuple,” though, as Mongeau clarified, that wasn’t actually the case.

“[Mod Sun] was around all the time and it was very much an environment — it felt like we were competing for her attention,” Mongeau recalled. “We were in an open thing—.”

“And then it got weird,” Klein interjected.

“Yeah, and then the narrative in the press all of a sudden was, ‘Throuple, throuple, throuple, they’re in a throuple, they’re all dating,'” the YouTuber explained. “Pretty much the entire time, so this was like a year of this, where it was just, I was dating Bella and so was [Mod Sun].”

Mongeau admitted that she and Mod Sun didn’t get along for a while.

“It was like, ‘Who’s getting her the better f***** Valentine’s Day gift,’ and ‘OMG we have to do a matching costume’ and ‘f*** this,'” Mongeau continued, “but it was what she wanted and we both wanted to [please her].”

Mongeau says she eventually developed a friendship with Mod Sun, but it wasn’t until both of them were on the outs with Thorne in early 2019 that they bonded over their mutual unhappiness with the actress.

By February, Thorne and Mongeau had called it quits, and in the months that followed, Mongeau says she was dating around when she began spending more one-on-one time with Mod Sun while working on some of her own music.

“Mod Sun and I just bonded, and we’re like ‘f*** these past two years of our life,’ Mongeau said of the drama. “We started hanging out a lot.”

Eventually, Mod Sun also split from Thorne and started dating Mongeau — but this didn’t sit well with their ex.

“She was very much so angry, [saying] ‘Girl code, how could you? Girl code,'” Mongeau shared. “And I was like, ‘Girl code? B****, you just made me f****** look like I was dating him for the last f****** two years and you were fine with it when it was interesting in your world with your control, but now you hate it because we broke up with you and we don’t like you.”

Mongeau describes that whole period of her life as “messy” and complicated, especially when it started playing out online, but she admits that everyone “grew a lot” from the experience and has since let things go.

Now, she looks back on it as a wild and crazy time.

“We were young and it was stupid,” she told Klein. “I was in my just very open, wild L.A. dating crazy era.”

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