YouTuber takes one for the team, lets 'murder hornet' sting him

“Murder hornets” have been

spotted in the U.S. for the

first time ever.

They have killed around 50 people in Japan

per year and killed 41 people in the Chinese province of Shaanxi during the summer of 2013, .

but they don’t typically go after humans, reported CBS News.

Rather, they are a major threat

to the U.S.’s already struggling honeybee populations.

YouTuber Coyote Peterson, known as “The King of Sting,” wanted to experience first-hand the worst, most painful sting in the world.

“I haven’t been this nervous

since the tarantula hawk,” Peterson says in the 2018 video.

“Almost didn’t feel what was happening. And then the pain

was immediately searing”.

After a few seconds,

Peterson’s arm started

to swell dramatically.

The stinger’s venom can send people into anaphylactic shock, cause organ failure, break down flesh and fray nerve endings, so don’t attempt to recreate Peterson’s video.

People who survive the stings can

still experience pain months after the encounter, according to Insider.

In Peterson’s video,

he explained he was still in agony 20 minutes after being stung.

Entomologists advise that should you

spot a hornet, to run and report the encounter to

the Washington State Department of Agriculture, .

who has been keeping track of sightings all over the U.S