YouTuber Restores Iconic 1990 Mountain Bike


Old mountain bikes don't have quite the cachet or comparative functionality to their modern counterpart that vintage cars do, but that doesn't mean that they aren't elegant in their own right.

This 1990 Marin Palisades is a prime example of that. To most people, in its current state, this bike looks more fit to be rotting away in someone's garage, how could it ever be more than that?

Watch what the magic of restoration does for this weathered beauty in the video below.

Restoring old bikes is a rising trend in the small sphere of the bike world. Several pages have garnered considerable interest for repurposing bikes of this generation into sweet and sleek gravel or town cruisers.

One great page to find that kind of work on is Stridsland Journal, his whole shtick is breathing new life (and very chic components) into vintage frames for stunning results.

Take a look at one of his recent builds down below.

Yet another vintage restorer who takes a less conventional but arguably more sustainable and undeniably funnier approach to the same sort of restoration is Sam Skinner of The Floating Bike Shop.

His handiwork needs no introduction. Take a look below.

We are all for this sort of restorative recycling. There is a lot of waste in any manufacturing industry so the rise of repurposing old frames is fantastic. Hopefully these pages pave the way for more to follow suit and continue to build awesome and creative old bikes.

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