YouTuber Rebuilds A Legendary Freeride Feature By Hand

For over 20 years, Vancouver’s North Shore has been a hub of freeride mountain biking. The tall mountains are home to some of the sport's most iconic trails and are full of storied riding history.

In that time, many of the famous wooden features have rotted and become unrideable. Thankfully there are dutiful riders keeping them alive. Watch Greg Campbell rehabilitate a North Shore feature below.

In this video, Campbell cut and milled the lumber to recreate a giant on-off. Using a chainsaw and wedges, Greg was able to mill enough cedar to make an enormous feature. Cedar is the wood most often used because of its incredible rot resistance.

Additionally, when split along its live edge, it can be grippier in the wet than a milled board from the hardware store.

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While many people want to build new trails and features, Greg is doing the important work of revitalizing an old trail. Watch him resurrect a different feature higher on the trail below.

This video is only part one. It ends in a teaser for the second part, where he will surely finish the build and ride it. I for one am waiting with bated breath.

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