This YouTuber lit a mattress on fire in an empty swimming pool, and he’s driving his Los Angeles neighbors crazy

This YouTuber lit a mattress on fire in an empty swimming pool, and he’s driving his Los Angeles neighbors crazy
This YouTuber lit a mattress on fire in an empty swimming pool, and he’s driving his Los Angeles neighbors crazy

YouTube star (turned Disney star) Jake Paul is every neighborhood’s nightmare. The 20-year-old millionaire, whose fame actually began on Vine, is now living in a Los Angeles mansion, and Paul’s raucous ways are disturbing his neighbors’ peace. According to Curbed L.A., Paul pays $17,000 a month (casual) to live in the Beverly Grove neighborhood in West Hollywood with his group of friends.

Paul and his pals do stunts outside his house, including biking on the street, throwing loud parties and, recently, lighting a pile of furniture on fire in their drained pool. We just have one question: WHY?

He’s basically the next-gen Steve-O but without the Sea World protests — and with a lot more young YouTube star money.

You can get a good idea of what goes on at Paul’s house from a recent YouTube video:

It’s basically a 16-and-a-half minute video that includes countless mumbled “bros” and many activities that you might expect from a bunch of 20 year olds living in a mansion with a seven-figure fortune to blow.

Spare yourself the whole 16 minutes and note some highlights.

At around 6:04 we see the type of antics that go on at his pool, though no furniture fires take place in this clip. (Again, we ask: why.)

In that same video, Paul “complains” (in that annoying ugh my life is so fabulous it’s terrible way) about the paparazzi outside his house, saying, “Life is crazy, guys.” It’s worth noting that, according to Curbed L.A., Paul has publicized his home’s address, so we somehow don’t feel sorry for him.

Later in the video, after some indoor paint-balling fun, the cops show up at the house. Paul tells his many shirtless male co-conspirators that he doesn’t want to get arrested and they respond, “You can’t get arrested, bro.” And yes, that is the official slogan of white male privilege.

Judging by the fact that the video’s title is “I Jake Paul actually got arrested…” you can probably guess what happens next. The cops say to him, “Several times we’ve been out here…How many noise complaints will we have to get before you finally learn a lesson?”

This likely is true, as the neighbors have stated that Paul and his pals have ruined the neighborhood and that they’re “more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they are not.”

After some arguing with the cops, Paul gets arrested for disturbing the peace. All of his neighbors were probably like:

Then what happens next is really some next-level trolling because…

The arrest was FAKE.

Paul goes on to tell viewers that this was a LESSON for us. A LESSON. FOR US. As if we need to be taught something?

“That was kind of just like a lesson to teach you guys that like not everything you see on the media on a day-to-day basis is real, and that you can basically fake everything,” he explains.

Hmm, sounds like another prominent famous person who has complete disregard for his actions’ consequences.

Paul continues, “You probably think that I’m a bad neighbor, but in reality we just do everything inside our house, which makes us bad home owners, but that doesn’t make us a bad neighbor.”


Basically he’s saying a big “eff you” to his neighbors and denying any accountability.

Paul ends the video with the most tool-ish phrase ever uttered: “This is about to be a lit outro with the cops and everything.”

We stand with Jake Paul’s neighbors.