YouTuber eats picture of another YouTuber's face for 464 days in a row

A guy on YouTube has been printing out and then eating the same picture of YouTuber MrBeast’s face every day for the last 464 days.

MrBeast, whose real name is

Jimmy Donaldson, is known online

for his expensive stunts and games.

Several of his videos involve giving

away tons of money — typically

for philanthropic reasons.

although sometimes it will be him

gifting one of his friends a Tesla

after they complete a challenge.

That’s where the picture-eater, who goes

by QuarterFrost, got the idea to get

Donaldson to donate $50,000 to him.

Donaldson’s channel clearly states,

“Do not email me asking for money,


QuarterFrost worked in a loophole

and decided that if he uploaded a

video every day, he might get noticed.

Eventually, it worked. On May 14,

Donaldson caught wind of the experiment...

and tweeted out a poll to his almost

6 million followers, asking if he

should pay QuarterFrost.

“What if I pay him the $50,000 and

he eats that as well? We gotta

be careful,” Donaldson added.

QuarterFrost told Insider that he

was asking for the $50,000 so he

could later pay for his schooling.

As of May 15, Donaldson has not decided whether he will be donating to QuarterFrost