Get YouTube Premium for Free With Xbox Game Pass


Xbox Game Pass is known for high-quality games that join the service every month, but a little-known benefit also gives you access to other services. The Xbox Game Pass perks page adds new trials for many third-party services along with in-game benefits for live service/multiplayer games. This month’s perk includes a free three-month trial to one of the best subscription services you can get - YouTube Premium. The only catch? It’s for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, so having a standalone subscription for PC or console won’t cut it.

You can redeem the perk by visiting the “Perks” section in the Xbox Game Pass app on Windows. Xbox console owners can directly redeem them by navigating to the section, while mobile users with the Xbox Game Pass app can check them out there too. The YouTube Premium trial must be redeemed by June 22, with the $13.99 monthly charge kicking in after it’s over. Do note though that you cannot stack the trial on top of an existing subscription, and it’s only available for new users.



YouTube Premium lets you stream and download videos without any ads. It also lets you play videos in the background with your device's screen locked, giving you access to the ad-free tier in the YouTube Music app. The service also includes original content from many of its biggest creators, YouTube Originals.

That's not all, as April's Game Pass perks include trials of other services such as Discord Nitro and Calm.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks - April 2024

The following perks are available in April through the service:

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla - Drakkar Edition Pack (till April 14)

  • Final Fantasy 14 Online - Starter Edition (till April 21)

  • Battlefield 2042 - Season 7 Field Kit (till April 23)

  • Mighty Doom - Cacodemon Mini Slayer Cosmetic (till April 25)

  • Puzzle Quest 3 - Green Knight’s Gear Bundle (till April 26)

  • Century: Age of Ashes - Forgotten Bay Pack (till April 29)

  • SMIT - Netherbeasts Pack (till May 11)

  • PUBG Exclusive Survivor Pack (till May 12)

  • Calm Premium 3-month trial (till May 13)

  • Sea of Thieves Kraken Classic Bundle (till May 13)

  • HAWKED - Plunder Pack #1 (till May 19)

  • Vigor - Outlands Express Pack (till May 19)

  • Super Animal Royale - Spring Perks Pack (till May 21)

  • MLB The Show - 10 The Show Packs (till May 21)

  • YouTube Premium 3-month trial (till June 22)

  • Discord Nitro - 3 Months Free (till June 30)

  • Persona 3 Reload - Expansion Pass (till January 31, 2025)

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Xbox Game Pass is a gaming subscription service for PC and Xbox console owners, starting at $9.99/month with the Ultimate membership costing $16.99/month.