YouTube For Kids: We Watched FGTeeV and We Have Thoughts

Alison Bucalo

Are your kids watching safe content on YouTube?  Whether it’s FGTeeV, Collins Key or Unspeakable, we are exploring kids YouTube channels and reviewing the ones your kids are obsessively watching so you don’t have to watch it too. You’re welcome. Today we’re reviewing FGTeeV!

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You’ve heard of FGTeeV. If you haven’t, tell us your secret because I can hear it from a mile away in my house! FGTeeV is the gaming channel of the very famous youtube family, Funnel Vision – there’s funnel dad, funnel mom, Lexie, Mike, Shawn and Chase. Funnel Dad is the star of the show. He scores serious dad points with the kid viewers with his silly humor, gaming and funny rap songs that he writes and performs with the kids. 

Okay, so what what do we think of the FGTeeV YouTube channel. Is there cursing? No. You’re safe there. The worst that comes out of this channel are poop and fart jokes.  Is there mature messaging? Absolutely not. In fact, if anything it’s very immature messaging. Is there product pushing? The family does showcase birthday gifts, family vacays, new video games and lots of candy eating. And now for the noise factor. Get some ear plugs. Funnel Dad is loud and can scream at high pitched levels that will both shock and impress you. The noise level is pretty intense. 

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