YouTube demonetized 2 Jordan Peterson videos after he deadnamed Elliot Page, but they're still on the site: 'It is shameful that these videos remain active'

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YouTube has demonetized two Jordan Peterson videos after the Canadian professor deliberately deadnamed Elliot Page and compared gender-affirming care to Nazi-era medical experimentation.

By demonetizing the videos, neither YouTube nor Peterson will make money off them. The first video has over 3 million views, and the second one has over 500,000 views. The videos are still watchable on the platform, and YouTube continues to advertise on Peterson’s other videos.

Peterson, who describes himself as “anti-woke” and conservative-leaning, has profited off of his extremist homophobic and transphobic rhetoric for years.

In late June, Twitter suspended Peterson unless he agreed to delete his tweets misgendering actor Page, citing Twitter’s policy against misgendering and deadnaming trans people as a form of harassment. The first demonetized video, which was posted on July 1, was in response to the ban.

In the second video, which was uploaded on July 15, Peterson went after gender-affirming care — despite the fact that every single medical association has endorsed the care and has called it “life-saving.”

While both videos are demonetized, they are both still up on YouTube. YouTube told Axios that it has been reexamining its hate speech and harassment policy in recent weeks, but deliberately misgendering someone does not violate the rule as of right now.

A GLAAD spokesperson told Axios that YouTube should have taken the videos down.

“It is shameful that these videos remain active, with millions of views, continuing to perpetuate hateful and false narratives at the expense of trans people everywhere,” they said.

YouTube has been criticized in the past for being too reliant on demonetizing as a warning against hate speech on its platform. For up-and-coming YouTubers, losing ads might be a big blow, but for Peterson, who has a large-reaching, loyal audience, two demonetized videos aren’t going to be enough to stop him.

Peterson should not be dismissed by platforms like YouTube and Twitter as simply a “troll.” His followers have doxxed and harassed his critics, and trans people are already the most vulnerable group within the LGBTQ community in terms of violence and discrimination.

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