You're Not Going To Get As Many Beers Out Of That Keg As You Might Think

beer being pourn into mason jar from keg
How Many Beers Are In A Keg?Kevin Trimmer / Moment - Getty Images

While it might remind you of college parties, a keg is a great addition to any party. It allows guests to pour their own beer, and if everyone agrees on one type of beer, it's probably more cost-effective than buying several cases.

If you're thinking of getting a keg, you might be wondering just how many beers are in it. Well, that depends on the size of the keg. Here are the most common keg sizes you'll find at a brewery or store and how many beers each of them can hold.

Keg (Half Barrel)

The standard size you'll order from a keg-delivery service is also referred to as a half barrel.

  • 15.5 gallons

  • 124 pints

  • 165 12-ounce pours

Pony Keg (Quarter Barrel)

Not hosting a party quite large enough for a full keg? Go with a pony keg.

  • 7.75 gallons

  • 62 pints

  • 82 12-ounce pours

Torpedo Keg (Sixth Barrel)

At just over 5 gallons, a torpedo keg is ideal for a small party.

  • 5.16 gallons

  • 41 pints

  • 55 12-ounce pours

Mini Keg

This is the type of keg you'll typically find at a grocery store. It's also disposable, so you won't have to worry about returning the container.

  • 5 liters

  • 10 pints

  • 14 12-ounce pours

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