You're Gonna Want to Take a Bite Out of This Disney Poison Apple Pumpkin DIY

Megan duBois

The poison apple from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the spookiest Disney items of all time. In the film, the apple is dipped into a bubbling cauldron and comes out dripping green and looking like a skull, while in the Disney parks, the apple is transformed into a creepy dessert to enjoy during Halloween. Now, to really round out the spooky celebrations, Disney has created a fun poison apple-inspired pumpkin DIY!

This craft is super easy to do and makes for a delightfully cool Halloween decoration (your pumpkin will definitely stand out among the rest). To make your own poison apple pumpkin, you'll need a few things including white glue, shaving cream, red paint, and a medium-to-large pumpkin (fake or real). Keep reading to see how to create your own, but just be sure you don't take a bite!


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