Travel Experts Are Sharing Their Best Advice For Anyone Thinking Of Vacationing Alone, And These Tips Make All The Difference

We all miss traveling, right? The pandemic has thrown traveling for a loop — to say the very least — and I know I'm not alone in patiently waiting for the day when we can all adventure again without worry. Until then, I'll continue to plan and look forward to my next solo trip.

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Many people love solo travel because it allows them to get the most out their time away. When you can make your own itinerary and follow your own plans, there's no need to negotiate with your fellow travelers.

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Maybe you're thinking of taking your first solo trip. Or perhaps you've traveled alone before but want to make the next experience even better. In any case, here are the top tips from five professionals who have traveled extensively on their own.

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1.If you're new to traveling solo, start small.

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2.Take advantage of organized tours.

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3.Do your research before you go.

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4.When you arrive, spend some time getting acclimatized.

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5.Consider staying somewhere more social than a traditional hotel.

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6.Take a class in a subject that interests you.

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7.Consider going online to meet locals or interact with the community.

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8.Plan just enough, but don't overdo it.

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9.Take some time to chill and reflect.

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10.Push yourself to make conversation with new people.

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11.Be smart but not paranoid about your safety.

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12.And finally, travel with confidence.

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Have you traveled alone? Tell us your best tips and bits of advice for others thinking of taking the plunge.