WATCH: The Top 10 Most Terrifying Shark Attacks... Ever!


It’s a good time to be a shark fan. Last week, that glorious shlockfest, “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” premiered on Syfy. And next week — starting Sunday, Aug. 10 — is “Shark Week,” Discovery Channel’s addictive weeklong shark orgy featuring these fascinating creatures of the deep.

In honor of “Shark Week,” Discovery brings us the 10 scariest shark videos from all over the world. Bon appétit!

Great White Snaps Cage in Half

The point of doing a cage dive is to get close to sharks. Well, coffee shop owner Patrick Walsh and another diver got their money’s worth in 2007 off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The cage from which they’d been safely viewing sharks was torn apart by a great white who’d gotten stuck in it.

Most Aggressive Sharks on Earth

You won’t believe the size of the great white shark involved in a deadly attack.

The Goblin Shark

This may be the creepiest-looking shark under the sea: the goblin shark. It hunts by detecting electrical impulses — and you won’t believe what it can do with its jaw.

Bull Shark Attacks Lone Diver

Horrifying surveillance video captures diver Paul de Gelder being dragged down by a bull shark off Garden Island in New South Wales in 2009. The diver lived to tell about it, but not without suffering extensive — and gruesome — injuries.

Face-to-Face With a Great White

People don’t often live to tell about being face-to-face with a hungry great white. This diver did.

Impossible Shot From Above

Forget all the “Sharknado”and “Jaws” movies, and the “Shark Week” seasons you may have seen in the past. You’ve never seen a shark captured on video like this: an extremely rare overhead view of a gigantic shark leaping into the air in an amazing breach.

Scary Cage Dive

Here’s a heart-pounding re-creation of a shark attack off the coast of Durban, South Africa, in the late 1950s.

Tiger Shark Throwdown

You know that tale about repelling shark attacks by punching the shark in the nose? It’s 100 percent true. Mike Coots talks about how he fought back against a shark attack in Hawaii — although he didn’t emerge unscathed.

Colossus in Sector 4

Shark observers travel to the prime shark-feeding ground of Seal Island, South Africa, to learn more about these powerful hunters.

Inside a Great White’s Bite

Using a camera inside a fake seal decoy, a crew is able to get a shot of what it looks like inside a shark’s mouth. Trust us: This is the only way you want to get this particular view of a shark.

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