'To Be Young' Singer Anne-Marie’s DIY Cocktail Is Nightmare Fuel | Stir Crazy | Cosmopolitan

Singer Anne-Marie created a wild Stir Crazy cocktail and got really experimental in the kitchen!! Watch more Stir Crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2vYWew7CMY&list=PLrx4fxhgMUObfjgOcMzv0fSpIQWQdMEH1 🍸

We're talking mixing up cucumbers and cookies…GROSS. 🤢 Think that’s bad? It only got even more funky from there, guys. The pop star also added some hard cider, pears, and coconut water to really complete her alcoholic beverage.😅 She may not be a bartender, but stream her new song, “To Be Young” out now!

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