Ring doorbell captures wholesome moment friends cheer after scoring snow-shoveling gig: 'Oh boy, awesome!'

Security cameras caught two enterprising young boys having the most wholesome conversation ever.

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The Ring camera footage, shared on Twitter by @OneJKMolina, received over 11.4 million views. It showed two young kids, who look about middle school age, approaching a stranger’s home in Winnipeg, Canada. The boys appeared to be going around asking neighbors if they would like their snow-covered driveways shoveled. They did, however, seem a bit unsure if their plan would work out.

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The footage, which was uploaded to Twitter by @OneJKMolina, is owned by ViralHog.

The boys knocked on the home’s door. A woman answered, and the boys made their proposition.

“Hi, do you want us to shovel your driveway for 20 bucks?” one said.

“Yes, we do. OK, I’ll get you 20 bucks right now, but we have to leave, so I’ll give you the money if you can shovel and then we’ll be back in an hour, OK?” the woman said.

When the woman went back inside the home to get the money, the boys couldn’t help but unload their excitement.

“Did you hear that? We’re gonna be f****** rich!” the other boy said.

“Oh boy, oh boy, awesome! No wonder all these people are rich,” the first boy cheered. “They’ll pay us; they’re like, ‘I’m not shoveling, I’ve got lots of money, who cares.'”

“I’ve got a paper bag, all our money, we’ll be counting it up,” the second one replied, taking out an empty bag for their money.

The young entrepreneurs were super excited that their little get-rich-quick scheme worked out. They even started to discuss their future plans.

“You should see my bank account; I heard I have like $6,000 in there,” the first boy said.

“You should just keep saving up until you’re like 16, and then you can buy a car,” his friend said. “You need to buy a very short car, though, because you’re very short.”

The first boy didn’t see his height as an impediment, saying, “A Lamborghini’s good for me; they’re short.”

The boys straightened up when the woman came back out to pay them. As they walked off to get started on the job, the second boy said, “OK, now let’s do a really good job because they paid us first.”

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