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You'll be 'amazed at the amount of stuff' this $20 dryer vent brush grabs, and it's over 30% off

If you want to save money on your utility bills (and who doesn't), here's a suggestion you may not have considered: cleaning your dryer vent. It's one of those home maintenance chores that’s easy to forget about until your laundry starts coming out of the dryer damp. But Amazon has a crazy-inexpensive solution: the Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush. Right now, it's on sale for $20, down from $30.

This dryer vent kit can extend up to 30 feet, pulling out lint and debris you never knew existed.

$20 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

When your dryer's exhaust vent is clogged up with old lint, the dryer has to work harder to dry your clothes. That can damage your dryer's heating element, which costs an average of $150 to $350 to repair, according to HomeGuide. If you think that's pricey, a severely clogged dryer vent can even cause a house fire — so this little tool is truly inexpensive in comparison.

Why do I need this?

If your clothes are coming out of the dryer damp, it might not be time to go appliance shopping just yet. Over time, lint and debris build up in your dryer's vent system, restricting air flow. That prolongs drying time, which can be annoying and expensive. But it can also be downright dangerous: A clogged vent increases the risk of sparking a fire, as mentioned above. The Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush can help with both problems.

Unlike the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner, another handy find that cleans the inside of your appliance, the Holikme Dryer Vent Lint Brush cleans out the tubing that connects your dryer vent to the outside. You simply attach the brush (with the included adapter) to a power drill and let 'er rip. While it’s spinning, the brush grabs lint that has built up on the walls of the tube. This kit comes with 30 feet of flexible nylon rod extensions to maximize the brush's reach. Once everything is cleared out, there's more room for air to move and better dry your clothes — which means you’ll be saving energy and money.

dryer vent brush
Save energy and reduce the risk of a house fire with a dryer vent brush. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 22,000 rave reviewers are already cleaning up and socking away extra cash with this dryer vent brush.

"Man does it work well," said one happy shopper. "It really pulls the clumps out and will burrow through the ones that were very dense. Some of the clumps looked more like stuffed animals than lint. It's probably been that way for many years."

"It was taking two cycles for our clothes to dry, and I could not figure out why," another rave reviewer said. "Saw this on TikTok and decided to give it a try. Definitely works. Glad I found this, because this was definitely a fire hazard. We will probably save on our electric bill now!"

"Amazed at the amount of stuff that came out of the vent," wrote a third shocked shopper. "The dryer works a lot better now. I definitely recommend getting this."

Another reviewer wrote: "It's amazing how much gunk can build up over the years! This is the first time in nine years that we have ever cleaned our vent. Don't know if the previous owners of the house ever did, either. It was pretty disgusting. We were able to do the vent and the dryer with this brush. When we finished we could hear the wind blowing past the vent outside — never heard that before!"

"This was just what I needed to clean out the dryer vent," said a final buyer. "I connected it to my drill and slowly added extenders until the entire length of ducts were clean. Only complaint would be the extensions after being threaded together were difficult to unthread. But not a big deal if you use a pair of pliers."

Although it's designed to be used with a power drill, you can also clean your vents with a bit of elbow grease. 

$20 at Amazon

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