You Sat On My Bag! Airplane Turns Seats Into Carry-Ons


It’s stylish. It’s functional. And people used to sit on it. (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

Yeah, it looks nice. But can it be used as a floatation device?

Alaska Airlines is teaming up with Canadian designer Mariclaro to turn discarded leather airplane seats into carry-on bags.

In addition to the carry-on bags, the designer is also offering purses, laptop bags, and passport covers.

The project came about when the airline started replacing seats in its fleet of Boeing 737-800s and 900s. Alaska Airlines’ Green Team wanted to find a way to keep all that leather from wasting away in a landfill.


Grab a seat (aka your handbag) and head to the airport. (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

“It’s very exciting to see someone developing a grass-roots business from something that we were just going to throw away,” Alaska Airlines program manager and Green Team member Pete Roberts said in the company’s blog.

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Added Greg Mays, Alaska’s vice president of maintenance and engineering: “By partnering with these innovative designers [at Mariclaro], we’re not only diverting waste from local landfills, but we’re giving people a chance to own a piece of Alaska’s history. It’s not often that people can own a bag that has already traveled more miles than they have.”

The bags are available on Mariclaro’s website and at the Alaska Airlines Company Store at SeaTac airport.

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