Watch Iceland's Last McDonald's Burger via Webcam (Hint: After 5+ Years, It Looks the Same)


A McDonald’s in Iceland before the chain shut down in Iceland in 2009. (Helgi Halldórsson/Flickr)

The saying goes “it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry.” But what about watching a burger decay? Well, when it’s the last McDonald’s burger sold in Iceland, apparently it’s not that boring. Viewers can now watch the last existing Icelandic Mickey D’s meal (currently 1923 days old) not rot via livestream on their computers.

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How did this burger spectacle come to be? The day before McDonald’s closed down it’s chain completely in the country in October 2009, Hjörtur Smárason bought a burger and fries and held on to it as a memento. There it sat in his garage until he checked on it three years later. Shockingly or not, it looked pretty much the same as the day he purchased it. So Smárason donated it to the National Museum in Iceland.


Not much happening, but it may be the funniest idea for a webcam ever. (Screen grab from Bus Hotel)

Now, the Bus Hotel in Reykjavik has the burger on display. Visitors can check it out in person and other curious voyeurs can watch it basically do nothing via webcam. Even the hotel’s website admits: “Chances are that this is the most boring, uneventful web cam on the planet.”

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