You Can Buy Dolce & Gabbana's Bejeweled Headphones for $7K

Jewel encrusted headphones at Dolce & Gabbana. Photo: Imaxtree

There were a lot of things to talk about after Dolce & Gabbana’s FW 2015 show in Milan last week: babies, pregnant models, gorgeous clothes. Yet it was the bejeweled headphones that made the most headlines. Sure, Chanel’s put headphones on the runway (twice), but these were next level. With more jewels than your average royal’s tiara, you could pretty much walk around naked with a pair of the ruby red ones, dripping in gold, pearls, and rhinestones, atop your head and there’s a real chance everyone would keep their eyes on the headphones.

Photo: Moda Operandi

In truth, we never imagined they’d actually make the headphones—how much time, energy, and money was devoted to converting your basic pair of Frends headphones into masterpieces fit for an Italian royal with a penchant for listening to music on her throne? Well, now there’s n answer (sort of). Moda Operandi is selling each pair for $7,095. If you put down a deposit of $3,548, the site guarantees that they will ship to you at some point between July 20th and October 30th. They’re made of Nappa leather and Swarovski pearls. Bonus: that kind of wait time pretty much guarantees they’re custom made for whoever places an order.

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