You Asked, We Answered: Managing Your Frequent-Flyer Miles


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Today’s question comes from Maria Verel on Facebook: Is there a website where you can combine and redeem your frequent-flyer miles?

Even though I am technically an “expert” on this topic, I will confess that I have forfeited frequent-flyer miles for various reasons that boil down to not following my own advice. (There are about 67,000 US Airways Miles just waiting in limbo for me to reinstate.)

So do what I say and not what I do and sign up for one of these great award tracking sites: This free site tracks all your miles and will let you know if your balances are in danger of expiring. This site follows a similar model. And the premier membership ($29.99) helps you search for airline seats and hotels — and can snag bonus awards, too.

TripIt Pro: This nifty site keeps all your miles in one place and organizes all your travel plans, too; it costs $49 a year, but it’s free with the Barclay Arrival World MasterCard. For those of us who just can’t deal with entering all the necessary information into the system, this service for gmail users canvasses your emails looking for balances. A little creepy, but I’ll take any assistance I can get. And if you really can’t deal, this site from mileage-obsessed traveler Gary Leff will give personal strategies (for a price) on the best ways to handle your mileage programs and will also book your travels ($150 per person per flight).

The Points Guy: Lastly, check out this beginner’s guide to managing points from one of my favorite experts, The Points Guy.

For strategies on how to turn $1,000 into a million frequent-flyer miles, check out our story here.

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