New Yorker makes case for talking to strangers: ‘Step 1, be pretty’

In a big city, where people are unpredictable and intentions are unclear, is it better to be friendly or keep to yourself? This TikToker advocates for the former.

“All the time, my New Yorker friends are like, ‘Don’t smile at people. Don’t wave at people. Don’t talk to strangers.’… But here’s the thing: I just can’t do that. It’s in my bones to say hello,” explains New York City-based influencer Hope Woodard (@justhopinalong).

However, Hope recently shared a situation in which she momentarily regretted being her usual friendly self during an encounter in the Big Apple.

“So I’m biking today. I’m biking and this guy pulls up next to me. He’s like a delivery guy on a motorcycle. We make eye contact so I’m like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ you know? And he just kinda keeps looking at me. He just keeps looking at me and I’m like, ‘Ugh! My hands are so cold!’ Cause I had forgotten my gloves,” she explains. “It’s so nice but it’s so cold.”

Still, the delivery guy continues to look at her without saying a word.

“And he’s just looking at me and I’m like, ‘Ooh maybe my friends are right.'”

Suddenly, something unexpected and totally heartwarming happens: He reaches into his pocket and gives Hope his pair of gloves.

“He just gives them to me,” she says emotionally. “And he’s a delivery guy. Like I know he needs a backup pair and he just gave them to me.”

“So, I don’t know. Maybe you should say hello sometimes,” Hope concludes.

“Pretty people: everyone is so nice!”

Although undeniably wholesome, some TikTokers suggest that Hope had a pleasant interaction due to the fact that she’s conventionally attractive.

“Step 1, be pretty. I’m out,” wrote @jkuss.

“Tbh if I saw you in public and you told me its too cold, i’d literally move the sun closer to the earth,” said @corbatini.

“Pretty people: everyone is so nice!” commented @antoniobriseno1.

Other TikTokers are just plain stoked for Hope.

“i think you’re just that person that good things happen to which is great and i’m stoked for you,” shared @holygemini.

“this is the beginning of a romcom, next you’re gonna order some food and he’ll be the one to deliver it,” replied @ryann.gee.

“This is the kindest and cutest thing ever!” said @sophietwilley.

While one’s decision to interact with strangers is subjective, we commend Hope for her friendly demeanor and desire to converse with those around her.

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