September is National Yoga Month AKA the perfect time to pick up this highly-beneficial activity with your whole family

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Family doing yoga together at home.
Teach your kids amazing life skills by doing yoga together. (Source: iStock)

By now, we know how rewarding yoga can be for adults. As we get older, our bodies get weaker and our joints a little stiffer, so it makes sense that many turn to yoga for its health benefits. After all, yoga can help with balance, strength, pain relief, heart health and so much more. So it makes sense that we mostly think of yoga as an exercise activity reserved for adults.

But what can yoga do for kids? It’s a slow-moving exercise, and those little bundles of energy might have a hard time staying still and concentrating. But it’ll surprise you to learn all the amazing benefits yoga can have for children.

While most of the benefits of yoga for adults focus on physical health, the benefits for children are more related to mental and emotional health. Find out more about some of the perks of teaching yoga to your kids right here!

Create a positive and long-lasting impact on your children’s health by practicing yoga together

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Yoga isn’t just about holding a pose for a few seconds, it’s also about practicing mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises, and more. In short, yoga is an exercise for the mind just as much as it is for the body, which can positively impact children who practice.

The various breathing, mindfulness, and meditation exercises can help reduce children's anxiety and can give them the tools they need to overcome and manage anxiety on their own in the future. These exercises can help children manage everyday stresses in healthy ways, teaching them how to successfully handle stressful moments as they get older.

Another wonderful benefit of practicing yoga with the kids is improvement in their emotional regulation. Practicing yoga teaches us how to be present in the moment, how to stay in a peaceful state of mind, and how to relax all at once. These skills can help kids regulate their emotions, especially when practiced all at once as they are in yoga.

This is especially useful because emotional regulation affects every aspect of their lives, from the way they understand complex situations, to how they respond to them, as well as their overall behavior.

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The physical aspects of practicing yoga are also incredibly rewarding for children. For one, learning how to perform different poses can do wonders for their sense of self-esteem. Improving a skill such as balance or perfecting a specific pose after hours of practicing can give your kids a feeling of empowerment. It’ll give them a great reason to feel proud of themselves and their hard work.

Practicing different poses can also give children a better sense of body awareness. This can help them learn more about the space their bodies occupy, and what they are capable of. If your kids are particularly clumsy, a stronger sense of body awareness can help reduce trips and stumbles. That sounds like a bonus in our book!

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The entire process of practicing yoga, from setting up to cleaning up afterward, can have great benefits for your children. Learning the different poses, mindfulness exercises, and the processes of setting up and cleaning up can boost their memory and concentration skills. They can then apply these skills to their schoolwork, making it easier for them to study and complete homework.

The entire process from start to finish can also teach them discipline. By having them set up their yoga mats and put them away afterward, you can teach them that all activities require some form of self-discipline, even the fun family ones. As they continue to practice, the routine can also reduce impulsivity by providing a physical outlet for all of that pent-up energy.

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Practicing yoga is also great for children’s physical health. The exercises and poses can help develop their strength, flexibility, and balance. It’s always a great idea to encourage kids to get active, and yoga is the perfect place to start because of how quiet and beginner-friendly it can be.

Even if your kids don’t grow up to be particularly sporty, if you start teaching them yoga at an early age, they may continue practicing even into adulthood, giving them a lifelong outlet for exercise and physical activity.

Practicing yoga as a family is great for improving the physical, mental, and emotional health of everyone, kids and parents alike. Yoga can have astounding benefits for children, from balance to self-esteem, and can set them up with amazing life skills at an early age.

The next time you pull the yoga mats out, be sure to invite the kids to join you. Make a habit out of it and create a fun bonding activity for the whole family!

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