If Yoga Leggings Are Always Too Long On You, You Need These 7 Options

This article originally appeared on Yoga Journal

The average U.S. woman’s height is a smidgen less than 5’4″. If you fall in this range, the quest for yoga pants that don’t turn into ankle warmers can be challenging. And as you know all too well, any attempts at rolling, folding, and tailoring your way into a better fit can create drama and distraction.

What you need, quite simply, are yoga pants that are designed to bring stretch, style, and sass to pint-size phenoms.

What to Look for In Yoga Pants for Shorter Statures

“Legging length is likely your biggest challenge if you are on the shorter side,” says Gabrielle Porcaro, a fashion editor and stylist in New York City. “Leggings that are too long could actually compromise your safety in yoga," she says.

Standard inseam for most yoga leggings typically falls within the range of 25 to 29 inches. Yenia Hernadez Fonseca, a stylist and contributing writer for Margo Paige, suggests seeking inseams around 23 inches.

Grace Thomas, founder and lead stylist of Built Gracefully, concurs. Thomas recommends looking specifically at the inseam measurement of a new-to-you brand before purchasing to ensure a match, especially since sizes vary across brands.

Opt for 7/8 Length

The experts all agree: 7/8 length is the way to go for those 5'4" and below because the legging typically hits right at the ankle, explains Porcaro. Also, she cautions, “Capri length is not your answer.” They’ll end up stopping below your calf and won't fit proportionally.

Avoid Ultra High Rise

No need to hunt down waistbands that practically reach your armpits. Especially if you have a shorter torso, advises Thomas, who recommends a 10- to 10.5-inch rise. "Mid-rise may be the sweet spot for petites," she says.

Choose Styles that Provide Comfort and Confidence

Porcaro emphasizes how your fashion choices can help you maintain your focus, which is essential when practicing yoga. Also, many of us also want to feel confident in how we're presenting ourselves. “Solids in darker hues flatter all heights and body types,” assures Porcaro. If you fancy prints, subtler styles will flatter rather than overpower your shape. Porcaro and Thomas agree that vertical stripes can visually lengthen the legs. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and empowered, so your yoga attire becomes an extension of your inner confidence.

7 Best Yoga Pants for Women Under 5'4"

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