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$36 for a wooden box? 4,000 Amazon fans say it’s worth every penny

What if we told you that some 4,000 five-star Amazon shoppers are raving about a seemingly simple wooden box that sells for $36? We're not kidding — this is for real. This common cube can be your secret to a tight, lean body. Step on it, jump on it, push up on it, combine it with weights, say reviewers, and watch your body transform. Now before you start jumping on some old rickety crate from your attic, please note, this top-selling Yes4All Plyo Box is not just any old box but a versatile, smartly designed, safety-minded workout tool.

Amazon's most popular workout jump box comes in four sizes — this one is the smallest at 16 x 14 x 12 in., and the largest is 30 x 24 x 20 in.
$45 at Amazon

This workout jump box made from plywood features pre-drilled holes for easy assembly and has rounded corners to prevent injury. Sure, you can get a fancy padded jump box for $200, but why bother when you can get this one for a fraction of the price at Amazon.

Strong, powerful, safe

This is the smallest of Yes4All's box at 16 x 14 x 12, but simply flip it around for three different height challenges. It's strong and stable enough for intensive workouts, fans say, when placed on a mat or other nonslip surface.

"Added this jump box to my home gym," wrote a five-star fan. "Very happy with it so far. It is very sturdy and can handle my 220-pound self jumping on it with no problem."

And if you're not into jumping, that's OK. You can still get a great workout on it by just stepping up on it or doing other compound exercises using free weights.

"Simple and solid fitness tool," added another. "Super easy to assemble and the three different dimensions give plenty of choices for leg day, butt day or inclined push-ups, etc. An economic and essential workout tool. 100%."

"A+++ quality," raved one reviewer. "The quality of this is above expectations. I got the smallest one (12 x 14 x 16), with a natural finish. It has a really nice quality natural varnish on it ... really a nice finish, and all of the edges and handle holes are really nicely sanded and finished; no sharp or pokey edges anywhere."

Woman exercising three ways on Yes4All plyo box.
This little box from Amazon can help reshape your body. (Photo: Amazon)

Get a serious workout

Shoppers love it for strength training, cardio and so much more.

"I'm 69 years old and want to improve my vertical leap, balance and overall cardio routine," wrote a rave reviewer. "Whether stepping or jumping, this plyo box is stable with 3 different heights to choose! I can tell the difference in just a few sessions."

Another fan uses one for "incline planks, elevated glute raises, step-ups, pushups, pistol squat beginner sets, to name a few" and has even found a non-workout use: "When I’m done with it, I tip it up, roll up and store the mat, and now it’s an unobtrusive side table next to the couch (I exercise in our informal family room). I’m really glad I bought it."

"My wife was using an old stool to do step-ups during workouts," reported another happy shopper. "I saw this product and thought it would be perfect, and it has been this far. Really nice-looking finish and fairly easy to install."

Here's some inspo for ya: "I love this box and have had it for a while!" wrote one mega-fan. "It’s been great the whole time and I’ve lost 55 pounds since I started my journey!! Whoohoo!"

The Yes4All workout box
This wooden workout box has already impressed some 4,000 five-star fans. (Photo: Amazon)

So simple

It's a cinch to put together, fans say.

"This thing is awesome," said one enthusiastic reviewer. "This box has opened up so many options for me when doing my circuit training workouts! It's extremely durable and easy to put together. They even included the Allen wrench necessary to drive in the screws.

"It was easy to assemble and was a perfect size option for my five-foot-tall frame (great stepping height)," shared a five-star fan."

Ready to get fit? Just add to cart!

This 16x14x12 workout jump box can increase the intensity of your workouts — it's already impressed nearly 4,000 five-star fans. This moss brown version offers a cool vintage look for a dollar less.
$47 at Amazon

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