Yes, Jenny Bird Makes Toiletry Pouches Too—and They're Mind-Blowing

blue puffy pouches
These Puffy Pouches Are an Over-Packer's Dream

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If you follow Town & Country closely, you'd know we are big fans of Jenny Bird. Huge.

Walk into our office on any given day, and you'll find an editor or two wearing the Canadian brand's jewelry. The selection of baubles are unmatched, and they're all sold at a pretty reasonable price point too. But I do have a controversial confession to make: My favorite Jenny Bird piece is not actually jewelry—it's a trio of pouches.

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"Wait, what? Jenny Bird makes cosmetic bags?" is probably what you're thinking... because I had the same exact thought when I was gifted the Blue Puffy Pouches late last year. The second thought on your mind might be how you already have too many cosmetic pouches to count. Reader, just hear me out. I also have an unnecessary amount of toiletry cases (what is it about collecting so many?!), but Jenny Bird's pouches are mind-blowing. I will go as far to say that you can throw away all your other cosmetic bags because the brand makes the best ones ever. Full stop. That's how much I love these little cases.

Allow me to explain further: The pouches have a puffed-up appearance, which as a result, makes them compressible and oh-so-packable. As someone who only travels with a carry-on and is guilty of always over packing (I can't help it... outfit options are important!), I'm perennially playing suitcase Tetris and trying to fit as many pieces as possible in one space. But because of the pouches pillowy effect, I can easily smush them into my suitcase when it's already filled to the brim with belongings—and don't have to worry about my toiletries breaking or cracking. I thus far have traveled with them on two long trips (England and Aspen), and they have truly made packing a breeze. Not only was I able to pack 7+ days worth of clothes and a few pairs of shoes, but there was still enough room to plop them on top of everything and zip the suitcase shut.

a blue hat with a strap
The interior of the largest puffy pouch.

Pillowy effect aside, the pouches are perfectly proportioned. The largest size is humongous—like big enough for an iPad, Kindle, or tablet, but I use it for my skincare, makeup, and haircare products. I find that no matter how many things I pop inside, there's still always some room to spare. There's even two massive interior compartments and a zipped pocket for storing even more. The medium size is great for my smaller things, and I like to put my phone chargers and cables in there. And then the mini size is ideal for smaller essentials, like travel cash or lip balm.

Other notable features worth mentioning: the pouches have a water-resistant interior lining, so you don't have to worry about leaks and spillage into your suitcase. I'd be remiss not to mention its royal blue color and the silver ball pull-tabs. They're just really elegant.

Do yourself a favor: If you have upcoming summer travel plans, make sure you do your toiletry packing in these pouches. Because once you pack with these, you'll never want to pack with any other cosmetic case.

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