Yes, You Can Buy a Gold Ratchet From Harbor Freight

harbor freight gold ratchet
You Can Buy a Gold Ratchet From Harbor FreightHarbor Freight

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Looking for a fun Father's Day gift for your DIY-loving dad? Look no further than this gold-plated ratchet for sale at Harbor Freight.

This ICON-branded special edition ratchet is plated in 24-karat gold, and available in 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch sizes. Like the normal version of this ratchet, it has a low head for more clearance and a 90-tooth gear mechanism, allowing for a tight 4-degree arch swing. Thanks to the polished finish, it's resistant to corrosion and easily wipes clean of any dirt, grime, and oil.

The gold plating is different than the pure titanium Snap-On gear that comes standard with McLaren F1s and Speedtails, meaning this ICON tool is far more affordable. The 3/8-inch version can be yours for $59.99, while the 1/4-inch comes in at $49.99. That's $25 and $22 more expensive than their standard chrome-finished siblings, respectively.

Sixty bucks is a lot of money for a pretty standard tool from Harbor Freight, we know. But as far as gifts go, I wouldn't be mad to receive something as useful as a ratchet, especially one that looks this cool.

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