Yep, Washing Machines For Beauty Blenders Exist & They Literally Couldn’t be Cuter

Mia Maguire
·1 min read

I hate to admit it, but those uncannily on-point Instagram ads get me almost every time. While scrolling through my feed the other day, the most charming ad featuring an adorable mini washing machine in my favorite pale pink hue popped up. Naturally, I was instantly intrigued and followed the post straight to the product’s page, only to find out that this tiny little gadget was (to my delight) actually not a home decor accessory for Barbies, but instead, an actually useful beauty blender washing machine and dryer. I was instantly compelled to share my discovery, so I then proceeded to DM each and every one of my beauty-obsessed friends. It’s safe to say we were...

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