Yelp's Trend Report Says 2024 Is the Year Of Dopamine Decor and Custom Mirrors

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AsiaVision / Getty Images

It’s no secret that remodeling is a more popular choice than home buying this year, with housing costs still rising. Fortunately, Yelp is on the scene to analyze the biggest and best design trends of 2023 and predict which trends will be sticking around through 2024.

This way, you can choose interior trends that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Designer Dani Dazey of Dazy Den teamed up with Yelp this year to give advice on each of the trending design searches of 2023—here are the highlights of each viral search.

Dopamine Decor

The hottest (pink) trend of 2023 was all thanks to the Barbie movie, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Maybe Margot Robbie wasn’t lying about the pink paint shortage—searches for the shade have spiked 82%.

Whether it’s color-drenching with bold, playful accents or living like Paris Hilton in an all-pink kitchen, the dopamine decor trend isn’t going anywhere in 2024. If the Barbie dream house still isn’t enough for you, bloomcore is also on the rise according to Yelp—floral-inspired patterns, paints, and wallpapers continue to be on trend this year as homeowners look to add extra cheer to their space.

“There’s no denying that color evokes happy feelings, but sometimes people can be unsure about how to bring more of it into their space," Dazey said in Yelp's report. "Start off by establishing a color story: one to two primary colors, and maybe one to two secondary pops."

<p>Getty Images/Per Magnus Persson </p>

Getty Images/Per Magnus Persson


Marie Kondo-ing your space is still on trend this year; in place of remodeling for extra storage space, many sought the help of professional declutterers to help organize their homes.

This makes it easy to find design solutions that will store the items you keep and get rid of the items you don’t, leaving you feeling like the owner of a brand-new space.

Dazey adds that she even color-codes the items in her closet for a gorgeous display and a little extra organization

<p>Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images</p>

Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors have been a big hit in 2023, and there’s no doubt that this room-opening trend will continue into the new year.

Searches for mirror installations are already up 34% throughout this year. Mirrors are the perfect solution to make a small space seem bigger and add a little extra light to a space.

Custom-designed mirrors are also an easy way to create a statement piece that matches your aesthetic without compromising function.

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Robert Nicholas / Getty images

Mood Lighting

The search for lighting installations has increased this year, and it’s no surprise thanks to all of the different lighting trends we’ve seen so far.

Adding in a statement light fixture is a practical way to elevate any room, while opting for several sources of low-mood lighting can give an entirely different feel to your space. 

Dazey points out that switching out lighting features is an easy step for renters to take, too.

“One of my biggest hacks is to use a canned lighting converter to swap out with some cute semi-flush fixtures. I do this with every canned light in my projects!” she adds in the report.

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Photo by Dani Dazey

Shelving Space

The last trend that Yelp is bringing into 2024 is modern shelving designs, with many homeowners looking for additional ways to maximize their storage space without compromising style.

Kitchen shelving was by far the most popular home addition, with open shelving giving homeowners a more modern feel to their kitchens.

Re-thinking your shelving plan can be a great way to organize and redesign any space without requiring a full remodel, so there’s no question that the designer shelving trend will continue as homeowners look for new storage solutions. 

If you’re ready to get started on a home remodel of your own or just want to check out all the top trends of 2023, you can check out Yelp’s report on their site.

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Photo by Dani Dazey

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