'Yellowstone' Fans Go Wild After Luke Grimes’ Wife Shares A Rare Photo Of The Couple

'Yellowstone' Fans Go Wild After Luke Grimes’ Wife Shares A Rare Photo Of The Couple
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  • Yellowstone star Luke Grimes is married to model Bianca Rodrigues.

  • The couple keep their relationship private, but Bianca recently shared a sweet photo of their pair.

  • She captioned a cute cheek kiss pic, "My love ❤️," and Yellowstone fans went wild.

As Yellowstone airs season 2 episodes on CBS on Sunday nights, people absolutely love to seeing how Kayce Dutton's relationship with his wife Monica plays. But in real life, Luke Grimes is happily in love with model Bianca Rodrigues, who is clearly also head-over-heels for her man.

Ahead of releasing his new EP Pain Pills or Pews on October 20, the Paramount Network star's wife shared a rare insight into the duo's romance on Instagram. Posting a sweet photo of the couple, the image showed Bianca smiling at the camera as Luke gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek. What's more, she used the moment to make a public declaration to her husband in the caption.

"My love ❤️," she simply wrote on October 17.

Because Bianca and Luke are careful about sharing their private lives online, seeing a sneak peek into their world had people screaming in the comments about how much they adored the married duo.

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"Beautiful. You look like such a happy couple ❤️," one person wrote on Instagram. "Absolutely gorgeous couple all the best 🕺💃🌹🎶❤️🎁," another added. "Adorable how much he loves you 😍❤️," a different follower declared.

As some folks may know, the couple has been together for quite some time. While the start of their romance is unknown, Bianca celebrated the couple's third wedding anniversary in November 2022 on Instagram.

So fans can hopefully expect another sweet post in a few weeks!

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