'Yellowstone' Fans Are Really Peeved After Seeing the Show's Latest Instagram

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Is 'Yellowstone' Returning Tonight? Paramount Network

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Yellowstone fans have been waiting a very long time for new episodes (the last one aired on January 1, 2023), and that wait is not coming to an end any time soon. But some recent ads and social media posts have caused confusion with viewers awaiting the fate of the Dutton family.

Paramount Network confirmed that the second half of season 5 will air beginning in November 2024, more than a year after the originally scheduled date. That will be the end of the series as we know it. In the meantime, CBS has been airing reruns of the show on network television on Sunday nights, and that has caused a misunderstanding among some fans.

The official Yellowstone Instagram account has been sharing clips with exciting footage paired the message: "The event continues with back-to-back episodes." But these promos are for season 3, not new episodes of season 5. Fans left messages like:

  • "Can you not advertise this like it’s a new season plz"

  • "You should let people know why the show is on pause, and when it will return..."

  • "This franchise advertises reruns like no other 🤯"

  • "Season 3? We are in the middle of season 5, when are you continuing the show?"

Adding to the confusion, the schedule changed this week due to the NFL playoffs. Fans tuning in to see reruns of season 3 on Sunday, January 22, were instead treated to the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills football game. Due to the schedule change, CBS will air two episodes of season 3 ("Going Back to Cali" and "Cowboys and Dreamers") on Monday, January 22. On Sunday, January 28, viewers can catch up on three episodes of season 3 ("All for Nothing," "The Beating," and "I Killed a Man Today"), followed by the final two episodes of season 3 ("Meaner than Evil" and "The World is Purple") on Monday, January 29.

CBS has not yet confirmed whether they will be airing season 4. In the meantime, you can watch all of the episodes that have been released on Peacock.

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