'Yellowstone' Fans Are "Literally Obsessed" with Cole Hauser's Latest Career Move

cole hauser
Cole Hauser Joins Forces With Frye and Lucky BrandAuthentic Brands
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Cole Hauser is having a busy year!

The actor might have had his Yellowstone career cut short with the unexpected cancellation of the show (which is still set to release season 5 part 2 in November 2024) but he’s made the most of his freed-up schedule by launching his own coffee brand, Free Rein, and now joining forces with Frye and Lucky Brand—two American heritage companies that encapsulate a hint of Rip’s Western flair.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cole Hauser to the Authentic family," said Stefani Fleurant, Senior Vice President, Marketing — Lifestyle at Authentic. “Cole’s authenticity and timeless appeal align perfectly with the values of these brands. We believe that as the new face of Frye and Lucky Brand, Cole will bring a new level of excitement and energy to our consumers and introduce our brands to a broader audience.”

cole hauser
Authentic Brands

Part of that excitement will come in the form of Cole modeling in global campaigns for both brands, which means we can expect to see his Rippish qualities on our TV screens and in magazines and malls once more. Currently, he’s slated in Lucky’s upcoming Brand Holiday Campaign, as well as the Frye spring/summer 2024 campaign. In the meantime, if you want to mirror his look, there’s a Cole’s Picks section on the Lucky website, so you can snag some of his favorite denim, leather, sweaters, and tops for yourself or a loved one.

“I have always admired the authenticity and quality that Frye and Lucky Brand bring to their products,” Cole said, celebrating the partnership. “I'm excited to be associated with these two brands whose legacies span decades and continue to represent the true spirit of American craftsmanship.”

Lucky shared a video of Cole on their Instagram page, and it was met with words of approval like, "Literally obsessed with this man" and "Smartest move you ever made."

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