'Yellowstone' Fans Feel “Ripped off” by the Ending of Yesterday's Episode

Amanda Garrity

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  • Yellowstone returned to Paramount Network with an all-new season 3 episode on Sunday, July 26.

  • "All for Nothing" ended a few minutes early, causing a fan frenzy on social media.

  • But fans concerns didn't stop there: Many questioned if this is the last season of Yellowstone after Paramount Network aired a three-minute trailer for the rest of season 3 at the end of the episode.

All good things must come to an end — and sadly, that even applies to Yellowstone.

The hit Paramount Network series, which remains the most-watched scripted show on TV for the third year in a row, is already halfway through its third season. Still, there are so many unknowns about the future of Dutton ranch, Beth's complicated relationship with Jamie, Jimmy's blossoming romance, and much more.

Some of the top fan questions were tackled in Sunday's episode, "All for Nothing." The all-new episode started with a search for Sila, a missing teenager on the Indian reservation. Chief Rainwater initially called Kayce for help, and he rounded up a group of livestock agents and other community members with assistance from Monica. Although they are unsuccessful, it gave Kayce a renewed sense of purpose that he intends to bring back to the ranch. That is, if Jamie doesn't agree to sell the ranch to real estate developers for a cool $500 million.

Photo credit: Danno Nell
Photo credit: Danno Nell

Back at the ranch, Beth finally opened up to her father about how Jamie had betrayed her years before. (ICYMI: During last week's episode, we learned that Jamie took Beth to get an abortion at the Indian reservation, which resulted in sterilization.) John confronts his son about Beth's hysterectomy, yelling "Why would you take that from her, Jamie?" Kayce consoles his brother who is clearly shaken up by the argument — yet it's unclear if he knows the truth about his brother's actions.

Just as everything was starting to heat up, the episode ended abruptly. Although Yellowstone fans typically feel like episodes are too short for their liking, this time they had a good reason to feel slighted: "All for Nothing" ended early with eight minutes left in the hour.

Luckily, Paramount Network didn't leave Yellowstone viewers disappointed for long. After the episode ended, they aired a brand-new trailer for the season's remaining four episodes. Fans were thrilled with the action-packed teaser ... until they realized that it meant the third season was nearly over.

Some fans are even demanding that they make future seasons longer than 10 episodes, especially given the number of commercials per episode.

The show has already been picked up for a fourth season, which is set to start filming later this summer. It's highly likely that it'll be the same length as previous seasons, but details remain TBD. Until then, buckle up for an eventful season 3 ending and "a crashing, wild finale," as actor Josh Holloway puts it.

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