Yeezy Gap, a Multiyear Partnership Between Kanye West and Gap, Is Finally Happening

Avidan Grossman

From Esquire

For years, Kanye West has been adamant about his mission to outfit as many people as possible in his designs. Those dreams may soon become a hard-earned reality, because this morning Yeezy Gap, a multiyear partnership between West's fashion label and the iconic American retailer, was announced to much fanfare online. (West, for his part, celebrated the decades-long effort with a signature ebullient tweet.)

Though the deal was officially finalized yesterday, co-branded apparel from the line, which is set include clothing for men, women, and children—and will reportedly be priced at under $100 per item—will start to appear in Gap stores and on its website in the beginning of 2021. As of now, sneakers will not be a part of the collection.

Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

No matter how you slice it, this is big news. West has had a longstanding infatuation with Gap, the big-box retailer that's suffered severe losses in recent years, citing the chain frequently in songs and interviews as an archetypal democratizer of fashion. (He famously worked at one of the brand's stores as a teenager in Chicago.)

West's knack for navigating shifts in consumer sentiment has led to a footwear partnership with Adidas that generated well over a billion dollars in sales last year, but his clothing collections—some backed by Adidas, others funded independently—have failed to reach the masses as effectively as his sneakers due in part to a series of production and distribution issues, and a price point that's not easily accessible to most shoppers.

Although details remain sparse on what the clothing will actually look like, earlier this morning West tweeted out a blurry image of a model in the type of relaxed silhouettes familiar to fans of the artist's personal style, done up in a color palette more in line with Gap's typical fare (and holding a large carryall bag branded with "Developed by Yeezy and the Gap in Cody, WY").

More images are sure to come, so check back here for further updates.

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