YB Loves: How to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep

Skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are the perfect pick-me-up. (Photo: Skyn Iceland)

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I’m a fair-skinned night owl who’s had a lifelong propensity for dark circles. So when you throw early mornings into the mix, I feel like an extra in The Walking Dead. Needless to say, 7am call times for covering New York Fashion Week have been a bit rough on my sanity and my undereye area. So I was psyched when I ran into the folks from Skyn Iceland backstage at Rebecca Minkoff. They were applying the patches on models before the show, and handed me a sample of the brand’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels ($30 for eight pairs). I essentially raced home to wash off my concealer and pop on the eye gels. S.O.S.!


Models appreciated some TLC from Skyn Iceland’s Eye Gels backstage at Rebecca Minkoff. (Photo: Skyn Iceland)

Unlike other eye and face masks I’ve tried, these patches were simple and made no mess. The gel clings to your skin almost like a suction, immediately feeling cool on the skin without the goop. If you love feeling like a product is working, you’ll appreciate the refreshing tingle to your puffy eye area. 10 minutes later, I removed the pads and saw my skin looked more nourished and even in color, with shadows and wrinkles seriously minimized. I was honestly shocked at how quickly they made me feel refreshed. The next morning, I woke up bright and early for my next fashion show and was relieved the despite getting only five hours of sleep, my face look rested. I didn’t ditch my concealer, but it applied a lot more seamlessly, disguising my inner exhaustion.

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of an eye mask before, I highly recommend giving these a go for days when your lifestyle shows on your face or before a big event for a fresh-faced look. Best of all: They’re very gentle — trust me, I have super-sensitive, reaction-prone skin. I can’t wait to stock up and make these a much-needed weekly addition to my skin care routine.


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